Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Abiding is not an activity; it is a lifestyle.  It is reordering my whole perspective on life so that my sole purpose is to live simply and purely in devotion to the Lord.  It is letting the Lord be my Shepherd who leads me along right paths.  It is seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness.  It is being still and waiting patiently for the Lord by spending special time with Him, sitting at His feet, and reading His Word....Because the Lord is my Shepherd, I am prompted to prune activities and eliminate hindrances that would draw me away from Christ. 
~Cynthia Heald

Several years ago, my mom planted a row of gardenias in our backyard in Arkansas.  I anticipated a dazzling aroma to assail me when we moved in two weeks ago, instead I only found empty branches. Just the other day, I came outside with my Bible and coffee, plopped down in my chair, and raised my eyes to find one lonely blossom.  Fragrant and fragile.  Blooming in the barrenness.

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