Saturday, August 28, 2010

Odds and Ends from Marulaon

Sunday, August 15
I had a great afternoon of language learning and laughing today. I went down to Eileen's house where lots of people were gathered and worked on figuring out the different verbs for "carry". We have "kerui" - to carry something that has been heaped up, like food or dirt (aram ekeuri - carry ground). Next, I practiced with "tutuari" - to carry on the shoulder (man atutuairire ngolei? - what are you carrying, with "on your shoulder" being implied by the verb). The third choice was kuku - just plain, ol' carry (vovo mution akukure - girl child carried on the back). And the last one, my favorite, is "kokosori" - carry on the head (marigen ubikola ekokosorire - yesterday I carried ubikola on my head). Can you see the verb stems? I have to know which prefix matches for gender and which suffix matches for tense.

Saturday, August 14

We haven't had a housegirl on this trip to Marulaon because I finally have a good system in place and lots of hands to help keep the house reasonably tidy. However, the yard still presents a challenge! Since we got a little bit of rain last night (our daily ration from the Lord), I asked Pogo to come and "housegirl" today to help me weed and transplant the tomatoes, peppers, and Chinese cabbage. She and I spent a couple of hours weeding and raking in the morning, then she came back in the evening to transplant when the sun wasn't so strong.

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