Saturday, September 30, 2017

View from the top

"Looking forward to things is half the pleasure of them."  ~L.M. Montgomery

The county fair came to town last week.  And the Ferris Wheel did not disappoint.  

Friday, September 29, 2017

On the road Texas...and more family

We extended the family reunion theme when our hostess extended her good Southern hospitality not only to us but also to my cousin and her kids.

We all gathered around Ava's table on Saturday evening and shared our hearts.  Good food and good fellowship so often go hand in hand.

And when the sun popped up Sunday morning, Ava's backyard beckoned me to grab my coffee and Bible and go sit out back with the hummingbirds.

Aaron shared about the Lavukal translation project with Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, and we enjoyed spending a little bit of time getting to know the sweet members of this church.

 And then my hard-working friend once again laid out a delicious Sunday spread to fill up our tummies and our hearts before we hit the road to go back home to Arkansas.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hughes Reunion 2017

After our trip to Tennessee, the next weekend we drove the other direction on Interstate 40. 

Our first stop was the Hughes Family Reunion.

My grandmother and her siblings are all still living, so we consider it an honor to gather with this side of the family.

This sweet little one is my grandmother's first great-great-grandbaby.  

And the newest generation continues to flourish!

We couldn't stay nearly as long as we wanted to, because we had to hit the road and drive to Texas, but we got a quick picture with my grandmother's descendants before we sped away.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

On the road again...

We've started traveling again to share about Bible translation around the world, especially the work going on in the Solomon Islands.

Earlier this month, we visited a sweet family in Nolensville, Tennessee, to update Providence Baptist Church.  Worshipping together and hearing God's Word preached help refill our tanks.

As did hanging out with this crazy crew over some fabulous bar-b-que after church.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Weekend Wanders

 For the last month, our weekends have been wandering all over the place...

We were honored to travel to Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Carlisle.  They were the first church to come on board and partner with the Lavukal translation project.

In addition to saying thank you to the church and playing our cellos in a worshipful hymn singing fellowship Sunday night, we got to hang out with some of our favorite people:  cousins.

The weekend after the amazing Cody family stayed with us, we drove across town to update my parents' Sunday school class about the Lavukal translation project,

then we rushed over to church in time for Sarah to be prayed over and sent out to college.

That Sunday also happened to be my sweet mother-in-law's birthday, so we gathered for lunch in celebration of her life.  Our sweet Sarah created one last masterpiece of a birthday cake before she headed off to college.  

And this weekend, we are getting ready for some more wandering, grateful that the Lord keeps putting so many amazing people along our path!