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Horizontal vs. Vertical

"Everywhere you could look horizontally has been affected by the fall in some way.  There are simply no perfectly ideal situations, no paradise locations, no completely satisfying experiences, and surely no perfect people this side of eternity.

Add to this the fact that all these things are fleeting.  None of them lasts.  Every horizontal thing, this side of eternity, is in the process of decay.  So hope that addresses your deepest needs, that gives you reason to continue no matter how hard life is, and that promises you eternal good is only ever found vertically."  ~Paul David Tripp, "New Morning Mercies"

No paradise locations.  I can't tell you how many times somebody has said they would like to move to the Solomon Islands along with us.  It's a lovely place to live, but it's not paradise.  Living in the tropics makes me so grateful for the little "horizontal" gifts God bestows.  Things like the opportunity to plant pansies that would wilt an…

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