Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Choate Update

Dear Family and Friends of the Choates,


Email contact has been very spotty with the village teams this month.  We are trying to find answers, but as of yet a good solution has evaded us. 


Joanna asked me to post the following comments…

They have arrived safe and sound in the village.  Aaron is currently helping with a literacy workshop on a different island.  He was supposed to be out of contact for a week, but happily Joanna received a handwritten letter from him today.  Joanna and the kids are all doing well and are carrying on with their normal schedules.  They are all looking forward to Aaron’s return on Friday. 


Hopefully the radio email system can be figured out and the Choates will be able to contact you directly very soon.  In the meantime, if you have any messages that you’d like for me to pass along to them via the radio, please feel free to write to: deputy.solomon.islands@sil.org.  


Andy Pierce


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The dB family said...

You remain in my prayers!