Monday, June 9, 2014

They’re back!

After ten days without communication, the Choates have a working modem again! It was such a delight to see e-mail from Joanna in my inbox this morning. Here are the first couple of catch-up posts.

Thursday, May 29

IMG_2174 - Copy (213x320)I went over to check on all of the little ones that have been sick lately.  I found Jude and Selina all smiles and playing with their grandmother, Grace Delight.  They are both feeling much better, but the "coconut news" is saying that five have died on the other side of the Russells from dysentery. 

Friday, May 30

IMG_2190 - Copy (320x213)IMG_2184 - Copy (213x320)
On the way back from the garden, Katherine stopped at Ofoaen's house where her grandchildren were cracking open havu, a delicious nut.  June and July is havu season, and we are so excited that we are in Marulaon to enjoy these fabulous nuts!  I smash my fingers almost as often as I smash the nut, but I've finally learned which way to hold the nut after being told "upside down" over and over and over again.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, so glad to see new posts!!! If you do communicate back to Joanna, please let her know that we saw them and are delighted. And tell her to imagine some sister hugs from me.