Back to school

Our crew has started back to school amidst a flurry of activity like haircuts,

 eye appointments, dentist visits, and drivers' tests. 

We now have two teenage drivers who no longer need an adult in the car with them!  And it won't be long before we have another young driver, but she will still need mom or dad around for a while.

We're now on week two of our school year, and it's going to look a little different than ever before.  Read-aloud is still my favorite time of day.  As we study American History, I'm reading "Secret of the Andes" with the three kids left at home.

But the big difference is that Aaron and I will be tag-teaming school more.  I've taken a one semester job with the orchestra program here in town.  God is providing some extra finances for our family while at the same time He's allowing me to fill in some gaps in my home-town orchestra due to some medical issues.  It's going to be an exciting semester!


quilt'n-mama said…
Yeah for passed drivers tests and permits! Love Olivia's haircut, Abby Grace did a great job! School just started rolling along here too! Praying for your semester full of new adventures!

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