Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving in Memphis

We loaded up Wednesday morning and took a detour to pick up Aaron's ninety-one year old grandmother before arriving outside of Memphis to enjoy the bounty of family at Thanksgiving.

Sarah made two pies before we left our hometown:  apple and peanut butter.  And I pretty much got kicked out of the kitchen once we arrived.  It was Oma and the girls.  All four of her granddaughters were there, soaking up her "kitchen magic".

We are so grateful for the opportunity to live close enough that we can make a quick trip to celebrate with our families.  

Not many couples our age have the privilege of spending time with their grandmothers.  And we have three.  Abundant blessings, indeed.

I think these two have missed each other!

From year to year, our Thanksgiving celebrations have looked quite different, but no matter where we are, we recognize God's hand of provision and direction in our lives.

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quilt'n-mama said...

So glad you got to celebrate with family! Especially grandparents, what a gift! So fun seeing your crew together with smiles, we miss you guys!