Monday, January 22, 2018

Just before the bell rang on Friday afternoon, one of my students in the 9th grade told me, "We really don't deserve you, Mrs. Choate."  Of course, I had just given them Oreos to solidify ABA musical form in their minds.  It was easy for me to quickly reply, "Then we're even.  Because I don't deserve you guys."  I get to work with some amazing orchestra students, and I couldn't ask for better colleagues.

From Velvet Ashes (one of my favorite cross-cultural ministry blogs):
"Will following Jesus lead me to times of weariness? Absolutely. We see that in the life of Jesus Himself, in His disciples, and in kingdom workers throughout history. But there’s no heavy guilt to bear with the weariness. Instead the weariness becomes an invitation to retreat into His sweet and sustaining rest.  We get to follow his pattern of serve and retreat, serve and retreat."

Our family is entering another season of heavier serving.  More concerts.  More churches.  More busy weekends.  More of a need to "retreat into His sweet and sustaining rest".  What a sweet gift.

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