Thursday, March 29, 2018

Our second day tromping around in northwest Arkansas, we visited Pea Ridge National Military Park.

As my friend, Ann, so eloquently wrote on her blog, I'm thankful that our family enjoys experiencing life together.  I can't imagine nicer, funnier people with whom to share life!

Can you see that straight section of road above?  It's part of the Old Wire Road, the telegraph route that led from Saint Louis to Fort Smith, and clearly visible from this beautiful overlook which was part of Pea Ridge's fabulous battlefield displays.

The Old Wire Road doubled with the stagecoach route, 

the Butterland Overland Mail trail right next to Elkhorn Tavern.  

The day was chilly and blustery, so at one point on the driving tour, Benjamin hopped out and called us on his phone.  He read the display and indicated points of interest while the rest of us stayed toasty and warm in the van.

We finished our tour of the battlefield by lying down in the eroded trenches that the Union soldiers dug in anticipation of a battle that never happened.

A day spent learning and laughing together equaled a day well invested.

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quilt'n-mama said...

Sweet friend, so glad you all got to get away together:) Pea Ridge is actually on my "list" of " to visit battlefields:) Loven these pictures of your kiddos together! They are growing up fast my friend! We miss you guys!