Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Happy Birthday, Katherine!

Katherine's two birthday requests were to have a birthday cake made by Sarah and to hit a piñata with all of her siblings.  I think this mama isn't the only one who has been missing our college students.

Trying to coordinate Sarah and Benjamin's schedules with our own super difficult, so for supper Sunday night, we tried Pieology minus Benjamin. What a great place!  The pizza was yummy, but my favorite thing about this restaurant was the row after row of inspirational quotes and scriptures lining the walls.

After supper, we made a quick stop to pick up some ice cream, then we drove over to Sarah's dorm where a fabulous birthday cake awaited Katherine.

Monday morning, we met the college students at a cute little coffee shop on campus, 

We had less than an hour together, but we hit the piñata for the reward of chocolate, drank copious amounts of coffee, and enjoyed every minute.

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Herding Grasshoppers said...

I think Aaron is REALLY BRAVE to hold the piñata they're swinging at ;D Glad you had some time all together :D