Monday, October 5, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today...Monday, October 5

Outside my window...on again, off again showers, so the clothes have come in from the clothesline to dry on the porch

I am thinking...about Psalm 103:13-14 and being convicted by the question "Did I show loving compassion, comfort, and support, remembering my child's young and foolish heart, or did I unduly correct him and expect more of him than he could perform?"

From the learning rooms...History - WWII, D-day, Eisenhower, Sarah - drawing parallelograms & rhombuses, Benjamin - telling time & math review, Olivia - combining tens & ones, Science - creepy crawlies under the microscope, Language Learning - playing a game to help us sort & remember masculine, feminine, & neuter nouns and all of the ways they have to agree (sing/plural, verb affixes, number, etc.), PE - jump rope

I am thankful for...scented candles to help me imagine that it's autumn

From the kitchen...muffins & yogurt pops for breakfast, leftovers for lunch, and spaghetti for supper (with chef Olivia), nice & easy to start the week

I am wearing...denim wrap-around skirt & a pink plaid sleeveless shirt (both finds at the second hand store here in Honiara)

I am reading..."Mary on Horseback" by Rosemary Wells out loud with the kids

I am hoping...that we laugh as much today as we did yesterday!

I am hearing...neighbors hammering on their new roof, kids outside playing, the ubiquitous ceiling fan

Around the house...Christmas packages ready to be mailed to the States, potato stamped triangles and squares hanging up to dry, Katherine taking a nap

One of my favorite things...rainy days which melt into deliciously cool nights

A few plans for the rest of the week...beginning to preserve apples and carrots to take to Marulaon, hosting a family with a new baby for supper, baking cookies for afternoon tea for the SITBLP Grammar workshop

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

Kids reviewing their note names on the grand staff we constructed on the floor with blue tape, getting my visual, tactile, and aural learners by using flashcards and bells, too!


quilt-n-mama said...

You are so creative!!! I love the grand staff on the floor, Lenna has started learning Bass C in piano and is moving right along! She keeps asking how much piano she has to learn before she can start violin:) I wish I was better at having more art for the kids- they love it when we do it but I need a better plan to follow- any ideas?

We love Mary on Horseback! We read it last year but the kids have been asking if we can read it again! We have also been enjoying some read alouds from the mail that are heading your way soon:)

We've been praying for you guys and need to catch up soon.

Abi's Blog said...

I'm guessing the girls especially loved having the baby for supper. I know my daughter always enjoyed having little ones over. I am tutoring a nine year old little boy and the other day Ethan (14 months old) put his hands up for Luke to take him - that thrilled Luke. Have a good day!