Aaron's home

Dear Friends of the Choates,

Here is another update on our friends in Marulaon.  They are all doing well.  They have been getting a lot of rain recently which has kept all of their rain tanks full.  They are appreciative of that. 

Aaron has safely returned from his translators training workshop.  It went well in spite of all the rain.  Thanks to all who prayed for them.

They look forward to being in touch with you more regularly come April.




Anonymous said…
Prayers going up right now from the Paulks in New Mexico for our dear Choate friends. Thank you, Lord, for their ministry! Draw them closer to you each day, and help them know the love of all their family and friends while we are not so easily able to communicate.
Kayla and Jason Paulk
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much, Andy, for all you've done to keep us in the loop! The Choate family is on our minds all the time, and these little details really DO make the difference.


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