Doing well in the village

Dear Friends of the Choates,
They wanted me to pass along that things are going well for them.  They have received the Saber recording devices that I sent out on a ship.  Joanna is working with some of the women to record two Bible stories.  They have one completed and the second one is in the works.  Aaron is getting ready for a translator's training workshop that will run Sunday the 5th of February through Wednesday the 8th. 
As far as email contact is concerned, we were able to get the radio system up and running, but at almost the same time, they developed troubles with both their computer battery and their radio modem.  They have a spare battery that I am sending to them this coming weekend.  We are waiting for another modem to come in from the village of a different missionary family and then that will be sent out to the Choates as well.  Thank you for your patience as we try to reestablish their radio email.  As usual, if you want any message passed along via the radio, please feel free to send a note to  Until next time...
Andy Pierce


Anonymous said…
Thank you, Andy, for sharing an update of the Choates with us. I know they appreciate so much your work in sharing our messages with them.
Kayla Paulk

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