Choate update

Dear Friends of the Choates,

I have just finished speaking with Joanna on the radio.  She wanted me to pass along an update for everyone so that you could know how best to pray for them.  Joanna’s leg is continueing to heal.  Her swelling has gone down, but it is still sore.  Please pray that she will quickly finish the recovery process.


Aaron is currently in Hae village (pronounced “hi”) leading the last session of a “Translators Training workshop”.  The rest of the family is hoping to join him in Hae on Tuesday evening in time for the final celebrations on Wednesday.  Please pray for the safety in travel and that the workshop will go well and that the final celebration will be memorable.  This is also the last chance before furlough that Aaron will have to meet with his Translation Committee.  Pray that meeting will go well.


They miss hearing from you all and they can’t wait until they return to Honiara in April and are able to better communicate with everyone.  Thank you for your patience during this time.  As usual, if you have any message for them, please feel free to send it to:




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