another visitor

Dear Friends of the Choates,
The Choate family welcomed another visitor to their house on Sunday.  A Wycliffe colleague went out for a short stay.  Her name is Cynthia.  She is trying to help them get their Saber recording devices to work.  Aaron says that they are doing the same things that he has already done, but this time some of the units are starting to work.  In fact, he played a little segment of recorded speech to me over the radio.  Some of the Sabers still aren't holding a charge, but enough of them are working that they think they can finish that project.  Cynthia has agreed to help out with the Sabers while the Choates are on furlough so her trip has the added bonus that she can meet some of the people who will be working on the Saber project.  Tomorrow they are going to another village to say their goodbyes and to do some recordings for the Sabers. 
Please pray for them as they are packing up.  That is always a crazy time, but it is more so this time because they won't be back out to their village for a long time.  Please pray that they can accomplish all that they want to in their final week of being in the village.  Please pray that they will all be able to finish strong.
Joanna says that her leg is around 90% back to normal.  Thank you for your prayers, but please continue to pray until she is all healed.
PS.  As usual, if you would like a message passed to the Choate family over the radio please feel free to send one to


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