Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fort Wayne, Indiana

We love making new friends and visiting new churches.  Last night we arrived in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and enjoyed a delicious supper with members of Christ's Community Church.

In 2005, Joyce helped us wade through the application process for Wycliffe Bible Translators, and we hadn't seen her and her husband since January 2006 when we did some training in Orlando.  It was so good to hug her neck again.

This morning we drove up to the church to find a sign welcoming our family.  It feels so good to be welcomed, doesn't it?

This gracious pastor and his wife gave us plenty of time to share about the work of Bible translation with the Lavukal.
This church is unique in its ministry to our family. In 2008, Their Logos kids group raised over $2000 toward the distribution of the Solomon Islands Pijin Bible.  This group also "adopted" our kids and sent them notes of encouragement throughout our time in the Solomon Islands.

And our kids made the most of the melting snow by constructing little snowkids to represent each one of them.

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