Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Texas Woman's Daybook

Just for today...Tuesday, March 19
Outside my window...peach trees blooming on the church's property
I am hearing...Casting Crowns in the background while my kitchen crew sets the table for supper.
Noticing that...I function so much better when I am well rested.  After we got home from our road trip Sunday night, I slept for eleven hours.  Yesterday, I had so much more energy than usual!
Something I want to remember for later...all four of my kids helping fix breakfast with my mom last week.

A heart of thankfulness...for the 3007 miles of Road Trip March 2013.  Especially for all the people who prayed for us or made time to spend with us.  The kids didn't miss a beat with school, we shared with many people about Bible translation in the Solomon Islands, and we got to hug lots of familiar and precious necks along the way.
Pondering these words...
"Your arm has safely brought us through
A way no more expected,
Than when your sheep
Passed through the deep.
By crystal walls protected.
Your glory was our strength and shield,
Your hand our lives did cover,
And we, e'en we
Have walked the sea,
And marched triumphant over."
~Charles Wesley
From the kitchen...Aaron always teases me because as soon as we get home from a big trip, I jump into cooking with a vengeance.  I love nurturing my family with beautiful, yummy, and nutritious food.  Tonight, in honor of St. Joseph's Day and the installation of a new pope, we're having stuffed Italian bread from the "Great Holiday Baking Book" and lemon ginger pound cake that Sarah made this afternoon.
From the learning rooms...after taking yesterday off to catch up around the house, Sarah is challenging us with inequalities and radicals in algebra, Katherine is learning how to tell time, and we are discovering the 1870's in history with all of its uprisings and land changing hands
A few plans for the rest of the week...within the next week we know two families who will be moving away and one family moving here, so we'll enjoy helping provide meals and loading boxes and cleaning and whatever they need.  Aaron and I are also playing our cellos for the musical "Savior" this weekend at church, and we have rehearsal Friday night.  Oh, and there is an Easter Egg outreach with our church on Saturday.  More activities than I realized!


The dB family said...

*Sigh!* Peach trees blooming! It's so hard to envision when I look out the window and see snow whipping by again. I am very ready for spring!

I love Casting Crowns! We have yet to hear them in concert.

Beans and I are playing in an orchestra right now too. She on the violin and I on the flute. It's nice to have a reason to pick up my flute again.

Thankful to read that you have had safe travels and wonderful, meaningful visits.


LISA said...

Drooling over that griddle everyone is cooking on...love it!
That is a lot of miles, oh my. A blessed week to your family:)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

You always have a lot going on! Though your road trip sounds wonderful, I bet it's great to be "home" for awhile :D


quilt'n-mama said...

I think I need the grill your mama has at my house! WOW! I'd love the lemon ginger pound cake recipe- yum!
Glad you made it back safe!
Sending you a hug my friend,

wayside wanderer said...

I grew up with peach trees in the backyard and my daddy made the best peach ice cream. Yum. That is a LOT of breakfast y'all made. Sounds like you are enjoying a lovely spring day. I hope we see more of them.