Jonesboro, Arkansas

Yesterday, we spent the day in Northeast Arkansas visiting with Aaron's grandparents.  In our many travels around the country, we had let too much time elapse since the last time we saw them.  We're grateful that most of our parents and grandparents still drive themselves all over the place, but this set of family no longer has the mobility to come visit us.

We ate lunch with Aaron's grandmother, then our kids practiced their Christmas recital pieces on the piano at the retirement center.  Their first recital is coming up soon, and a little practice at being in front of people is a very good thing.
The kids also took turns recording the music so that when we went to see Aaron's grandfather in the nursing home, Pop could watch the performances, too. 
Good-byes are always hard.  After sixty-seven years of marriage, a goodbye kiss is still a very good thing.  Gran is the picture of grace and strength as she reminds Pop why she can't stay with him in his room at the nursing home and that he is ninety-one years old, not eighty-five like he thought.  Sweet time together is such a gift from the Lord, even when the time together is a little bittersweet.


So glad you got to see them, Joanna. And what a fabulous idea to have the kids practice at the retirement center! I bet the seniors loved it :D

I'm feeling like hibernating today too. Woke up to a frost so thick one of the boys thought - at first look - that it had snowed.

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