Happy Birthday, Sarah!

We began to celebrate Sarah early.  She was filled with culinary goals for the day, and the coconut scraper was put into action for a breakfast of coconut pancakes. 
While Sarah and Aaron drove down to Honiara's Central Market to find the perfect fish, the rest of us took turns scraping the piles of coconuts that we would need for the coconut cream for lunch.  As I took my basket down to SITAG's outdoor kitchen, the rain began to fall.  I prayed that God would make the rain move over and fall in Marulaon Village, too.

We had lots of helping hands to clean out the old bed of stones and build a new one that would fit our needs.  One of our colleagues shares a birthday with Sarah, and we were looking forward to sharing this meal with their sweet family.

I'm so out of practice since our kitchen in Marulaon still hasn't been rebuilt.  But many hands make light work, and soon we had the fire going to heat up the stones.

Back up to the house we went to finish preparing the food that needed to cook about an hour underneath those hot stones.
Lunch was late, but our friends were very flexible, even with little ones who needed naps.
And the birthday girl was thrilled to get her local food fix!
I'm so grateful for the adopted family we have here at SITAG and for the family and friends who took the time to think ahead and send gifts and cards for this special birthday girl.
Sarah's day fit her ISFJ personality so well:  Quiet, friendly, responsible, conscientious.  Committed and steady in meeting her obligations.
Thorough, painstaking, and accurate.  Loyal and considerate.  Notices and remembers specifics about people who are important to them.  Strives to create an orderly and harmonious environment.
After the lunch party finished, Sarah turned her attentions to finishing the second birthday cake.  Because you don't want to try a new recipe on visitors, right?
She worked hard to get the icing just right - to "soft ball" stage.

And we finished the day with full hearts and full tummies and lots of laughter.

This mama didn't cry one time as I observed this capable and spunky young lady.  I know: times, they are a-changing for our family.  Much transition is ahead. 
But until then, I'm enjoying every day with this beautiful seventeen-year-old and the joy she brings our family.



quilt'n-mama said…
Happy Birthday Sweet young lady! Looks like you had a wonderful day!
Love you guys!
The C Crew
roadonmyjourney said…
Happy Birthday Sarah!
I don't enjoy fish myself, but I'm glad you had some for your perfect day. :-)
Cindy said…
What a sweet glimpse into your day. Thank you for taking the time to blog and to share your daily details with us. Please give my love to my precious Sarah. Nanny

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