Friday, July 22, 2016

Ugly, stinky, beautiful

I smelled the burning trash before I saw the thick smoke.  When I came around the corner of the house carrying the laundry basket, I stopped in wonder of the early morning sun streaming though the clouds of smoke.

I set down the laundry basket and sprinted upstairs to grab the camera, thinking, "I'm sure there is some spiritual analogy here!  Something about the ugly, stinky parts of life allowing God's handiwork to show up in ways that would never happen if life unfolded smoothly."

This afternoon, our village chief showed up.  Chief Hensy is in Honiara to return his daughter to school after the mid-year break, but he wanted to stop by SITAG to ask us to pray for rain.  This time of year is always dry in our area.  Hensy is a good friend, he holds the keys to our rain tank, and he has a responsibility to take care of Marulaon Village.  His wife, Nancy, is begging him to open our tank.  His sister, my good friend Kiko, is warning him not to unlock the tank because we are coming back next week.

This is one of those ugly, stinky situations.  Would you please pray that God will make beautiful things happen and show Himself in a real, personal way to our precious neighbors?

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