A little night music...

"Everyone comes to the table as equals, as human beings who are in need of connection and nourishment.  We give and receive food and our stories become channels through which our souls touch one another."  ~Grace P. Cho

Two of the hardest things for me while living overseas are 1) being so far away from our families and 2) missing the musical performance opportunities we enjoy in America.  Both of those things I put on the altar every single day.  But God, in His sweet way of lavishing grace on us, has surrounded us with adopted family here at SITAG and given us some options to make music together.

Tonight, a few of our colleagues joined us for a small recital, just to hear what the kids had been working on for the last month here in Honiara. 

How many adults do you know that would give up their Friday night to come hear a beginning cellist?  Or to sing in a trio from Mendelssohn's Elijah?

 I'm super proud of our kids' hard work in keeping their music going, even when the circumstances are less than ideal.  And our audience was so very gracious.

We thanked them with the currency of food:  soup and salad and Sarah's homemade rolls slathered in garlic butter.

And they paid us right back with a high exchange rate in the currency of laughter and the sweet knitting of hearts.

"Sacred and surprising things happen when we gather around a table and share food made with love and by our own hands."  ~Shauna Niequist


Oh, wish I could've been there! Which trio from Elijah?
Choate Family said…
Julie, we sang "Lift Thine Eyes". It was a lot of fun!
Cindy said…
Love this! Wish I could have been there!

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