Honiara Woman's Daybook


Just for today...Monday, October 24
Pondering these words..."Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers...."  Phil. 4:6 MSG

I am hearing...Sarah practicing voice.  I love listening to her voice slowly mature and look forward to her being able to study with a real teacher again when we return to America.
On my nightstand..."Made in America" by Bill Bryson.  I bought it in the airport in Brisbane, and it's fascinating!

Crafting in the kitchen...we tried Willow Bird's Pumpkin Cheesecake Bread Pudding this weekend, and it was fabulous.  Certainly hit the "We Miss Autumn" spot!
A peek inside my world...our family and a few SITAG friends participated in the G'Day Solomons Fun Run Saturday morning.

We had a beautiful view for the race!

From the learning rooms...Katherine is learning about decimals, Olivia is racing through world history in the mid-1800s, Sarah and Benjamin are finishing up government as we come to the end of the semester next week.
One of my favorite things...listening to Katherine read out loud to me, especially when we're snuggling.
Outside my window...this was the scene over the weekend. 
SITAG decorated a float for the parade that opened Bible Week here in Honiara.

John 3:16 was printed in every language in the Solomons that has a translation,

and the blank pages represented languages, like Lavukaleve, that don't have scripture yet.

We didn't go to the parade and the opening ceremonies, but the SITAG employees won first prize with their float!  Super proud of them and all of their hard work.  We love our employees, they are the ones who really keep things running smoothly around here.


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