Friday, May 12, 2017


Monday morning, the dads went to work, the young men in the house went to school and/or work, and the moms went to Fit School.  I really appreciate Julie's willingness to work exercise into our time of transition. 
She also took me to run errands (including a lovely stop at Barnes and Noble!) to gently ease me back into the world of SO many choices when shopping.

Each of the families with whom we've stayed have gone above and beyond the bounds of regular hospitality.  Each has put their regular life on hold and made sacrifices to assist us in our transition.

"Do the math:  if everyone just took care of his or her own needs, you would get -- pretty much what we increasingly have in the United States today, which is the crux of our national problem.  Selfishness is a choice.  There are alternatives. 
Only you can determine what you will choose -- and know that your choices define who you at and the world you will live in. 
The world becomes a better place through our willingness to sacrifice for the common good. 
The flip side of the selfishness coin is selflessness....
Greatness always demands sacrifice, whether it is the greatness of a nation, a community, a company, a family, or an individual...
Serving other through your willingness to forego some possessions and pleasures in order to accomplish a greater good is a hallmark of respectable character."
~George Barna

Each person on our path around the globe has helped drip a little bit more refilling into our hearts and minds.  Each one is helping us with "Tips for Transition Sanity".

We ended Monday by visiting Whatcom Falls.

I've read about climates outside of the deep South and the Solomon Islands, and I love reading books like "Miracles on Maple Hill" that describe the changing of seasons with such vivid descriptions.

But now I'm finally getting to experience the coolness and the explosion of green for myself.

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