Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Central Florida


We landed in Orlando Wednesday evening, and our poor bodies didn't know quite what hit them!  Grateful for somebody to pick us up for the airport, we got checked into the apartments at the Wycliffe headquarters and navigated the grocery store for the first time by ourselves.  A quick supper and showers finished the evening.
Then we began several days of fun and flexible travels back and forth to the town where we lived during our delightful college years.  Lisa and her girls were willing to drive and meet us halfway in the midst of a very busy schedule.  I love it when reuniting with somebody feels like no time has passed.

We also spent some time with precious GranMollie and Grandpa T
This sweet couple has been pouring into our family since we arrived at college twenty-five years ago.

Unexpectedly, we found ourselves invited to participate in an "ice cream walk" with some of our friends from college.

It was a super fun way to spend a Friday evening, trying a bite of sooooo many different flavors of ice cream as we walked around beautiful downtown DeLand.

Of course, in our driving back and forth between Orlando and DeLand, we had to stop and visit The Muse, our favorite independent bookstore.  It smells like old books and old buildings, because that's exactly what is inside.

I really wanted to pick up several of the G.A. Henty first editions, but the price was a little bit out of my budget.  We did find a beautiful and affordable old Kipling and "Tristan and Isolt:  A Play in Verse" for Aaron.

We didn't forget to stop by Rodeo Whip for ice cream, either.

One of the places we stopped on Saturday was the Old Spanish Sugar Mill.
In year past, we met Bill and Renee here for some delicious fun together.  On our honeymoon, this generous couple even took us for a boat ride in the waters surrounding the Sugar Mill.

But in January, Bill, Renee, and their middle son were killed in a car wreck,

so we met another friend from college and celebrated our sweet memories of the family who opened their home and hearts to so many college students.

On Sunday morning, we were invited by an old college friend to speak at Christ United Fellowship.
Sunday afternoon's plans changed radically, and through the generosity of a pastor and his sweet family,

our families spent the afternoon together getting to know each other a little bit better while adjusting to life in America with roller coasters.

Monday before our re-entry workshop began, we met a fun couple for breakfast.  This spunky lady was the very first person to sign up to partner with us financially when we began serving with Wycliffe so many years ago.

And now we are fully engrossed in workshops to help us with all sorts of odds and ends crucial to living well in our passport culture.  We're so grateful that Wycliffe provides resources we need to help us navigate transition!

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quilt'n-mama said...

So glad that you are getting to hug necks of some many that you love friends while making memories together!