Thursday, April 5, 2018

"Every single thought matters....But a barreling life leaves little room for evaluating these unfettered thoughts.  It leaves little room for letting God's rest and His peace seep in and His truth invade the cacophony in my mind."  ~Sara Hagerty, "Unseen"

It's about to be a wild ride around here.  And as I navigate my brother's wedding (yippee!), multiple concerts ('tis the season!), AP tests and graduating senior details (go, Benjamin!), and an orchestra trip to Chicago, I don't want to live a "barreling life".  Prayers appreciated as I seek to make pockets of space for God's rest and peace and truth to "invade the cacophony in my mind".

Beautiful Gatlin Park is nearby our home.  This time of year, the ground is covered in "Spring Beauty": tiny pink wildflowers that are beautiful as well as edible!  I recently discovered that this flower's pollen and nectar only attract a certain species of mining bee.  According to the Bug of the Week website, "Newly minted adults emerge each spring coincident with the appearance of spring beauty’s’ blossoms." 

A God that can coordinate the timing of hungry bees emerging to find their only food source blooming can certainly coordinate the pieces of my life and provide a source of nourishment for me amidst my hectic schedule.

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