Sunday, April 1, 2018

Good Friday

After a discouraging dentist appointment (seems like my teeth don't like the non-fluoridated rain water and infrequent dental checkups when we are overseas), our family took a picnic to a nearby park to enjoy the gorgeous day.

Somehow our holiday traditions all revolve around cooking.  Maybe it's because when we are overseas, we have limited resources, but maybe it's just because we like to eat.

On Good Friday, we really enjoyed having Sarah home again.  If you had dropped by our house, your senses would have feasted:  Dense, rich chocolate Easter basket cupcakes to taste, Bach's Passions and our favorite requiems (like Berlioz, Mozart, Rutter, and Faure) to hear, windows open with a fresh breeze to smell.

We still lick our fingers around here, too, because Shakespeare recommended the habit.

Our day finished with a lovely, dark Tenebrae service at a nearby church.  When Aaron and I walked into the sanctuary, we both breathed in the smell of a building that has been housing worshippers for over one hundred years.  We've both really missed the opportunities to worship through good music, and this service was exactly what we needed.

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quilt'n-mama said...

Love seeing your crew all together! Glad you had a great Easter weekend!
Love you guys!