Friday, August 3, 2018

My little backyard raised bed did not produce much this summer, only this cute little purple pepper and a couple of orange "tequila sunrise peppers" you can see in the background.  We did enjoy some "blue cream berries tomatoes", but our big yellow stuffing tomatoes kept being stolen clean off the vine before they could ripen.  The lack of fruitfulness got me thinking about my life and about this quote:

If scripture teaches us anything, it is this:  God is always more concerned with the decision-maker than he is with the decision itself....For the believer wanting to know God's will for her life, the first question to pose is not "What should I do?" but "Who should I be?"  ~Jen Wilkin

Our family is about to experience some major transitions as the two older kids go off to college and Aaron begins traveling internationally.  Each day as we face multiple decisions, some seemingly insignificant and some that feel mammoth, I want the question to be, "Who do you want me to be, Lord?"  And that will bear sweet fruit.

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