Wednesday, October 16, 2019


We're so grateful that, for the first time, our kids can take the PSAT here in Honiara.  Although a trip to Brisbane is fun, it's a huge drain on our time, energy, and finances.  So while Olivia filled in bubbles and exercised her amazing brain, Katherine and I drove just up the road and enjoyed a fancy-schmancy coffee shop.

Katherine finished school work and I finished my professional development needed to keep my teacher's license.  And while we were there, Aaron called to let me know he had made it to Yandina.  It took almost twelve hours.  We have traveled many times before on the good ol' Kosco (which is no longer running), and the trip to Yandina has taken five or six hours.  

While he's in the village, Aaron will be testing our satellite BGAN email system.  It's far more expensive than our old radio email system, but it should be more reliable, too.  I will definitely miss afternoon radio scheds and a chance to talk to the outside world every day.  But times, they are a-changing!

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