Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy National Bubble Gum Day!

Thanks to Aunt Melissa, we had a blast celebrating National Bubble Gum Day!
We used a "Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit" to make fruit and peppermint flavored chewing gum this morning.

The kit supports the rainforest by using chicle instead of a synthetic base for chewing gum. The chicle reminded me of the feed Grandpa uses for his goats and cows. Olivia is trying to figure out the chicle in the picture above.

You melt the chicle in the microwave, and it turns into ooze. Can't wait to put it in your mouth can you? It smells like lanolin!

Then, the kids took turn mixing, and mixing, and mixing...

and mixing some more to make sure the powdered sugar and flavoring were all absorbed.

The best part - tasting your handiwork!


Anonymous said...

That's so cool! I had no idea you could make your own chewing gum!
Love you guys!
THe Conard Crew

Anonymous said...

Jo- I am not sure that 'ooze' really does that picture justice!