Monday, March 24, 2008

Busy Easter Weekend

We have enjoyed a full Easter weekend of celebrating God's gift of life! Saturday, Aaron took the older children on a romp through the trails. We've had so much rain lately that the streams and creeks were full, and the kids had a blast exploring all of the waterfalls and mud.

Like many of you, we have lots of Easter traditions (most of which revolve around food). Saturday afternoon, we decorated eggs, and Saturday evening we made resurrection cookies. The kids' least favorite part is beating the nuts because it is representative of the soldiers beating Jesus's body. Notice Benjamin is holding his ears while Olivia beats the nuts. He actually asked if we could skip that part this year. We gave cookies away on Sunday morning along with jellybeans to color-coordinate with this poem.
God’s Jelly Bean Rainbow
Orange is the twilight night He prayed.
Black is our sin stain for which He paid.
Red is His own shed blood so bright.
Yellow is the Son’s warm, healing light.
Purple is His head crowned with thorns.
Pink is hope risen on Easter morn.
Brown is the ground where He was laid.
Gray is the stone that was rolled away.
White is God’s grace we freely receive.
Green our eternal life when we believe.
All of these colors represent something true:
Jesus Christ, God’s own Son, died for me
and died for you.

Breakfast on Sunday is always "Resurrection Rolls" and fruit salad along with some of the hard boiled eggs we died on Saturday. The rolls are just Grands biscuits (we like the wheat biscuits) stuffed with a big marshmallow before baking and dipped in butter and cinnamon sugar. When the biscuits are baking, the marshmallow dissolves leaving a empty hole - just like the tomb!

After a rough night with Katherine, this apple omelet was a lovely welcome to a beautiful day! Aaron is a master chef who enjoys making food pleasing to the eyes as well as pleasing to the palate.
Eighteen years ago tonight, Aaron and I were in a movie theater watching "Hunt for Red October" with a bunch of friends when he realized that "Joanna is a girl!". I am so thankful for my godly and servant hearted husband who is leading our family through this exciting journey of life.

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