Saturday, August 23, 2008

Alotau, Papua New Guinea

Not a lot of time to write, we're leaving early in the morning to catch a plane. But I wanted to share pics of our trip to Boiaboiawaga, an island off of the East Cape of Papua New Guinea, as well as some of the other things we've been learning this week in Alotau.

Sarah learned how to scrape a coconut.

Aaron practicing with a bag designed to hold in body heat for survival in the water.

A lady from East Cape village who took a fancy to Katherine (notice her red lips from chewing betel nut)

Sarah's new friend (can you believe it?)

Jumping into the Pacific Ocean from the top of the boat

Notice the beautiful clear water and the blue star fish - the island was fabulous!


cyt said...

I am so excited to see the new pictures and hear about how God took such good care of you all. We miss you and love you dearly. Prayers and love,

quilt'n mama said...

We love the pictures and are praying for you! Sarah, Lenna thinks you are really BRAVE, at first she thought you just had a pretty green necklace on! Sending you all hugs!
The Conard Crew

Chelley said...

Benjamin that is a GREAT starfish!!! Seriously, Sarah!!! A SNAKE!!!! OY!

The island looks wonderful!! Glad to see you guys got there safely and having a great time!


pkrains said...

You guys are AWESOME! I'm loving the photos and can't wait to hear what "Aunt Kenda" thinks about Sarah's new "jewelry."

I don't know who made the photo of that rainbow, but it was a great place to begin today! A good reminder of God's faithfulness and promises, and assurance that no matter where we are on this earth, He's there beside us, inside us, all around us, encircling us with His glory and blessing. (Romans 11:36) May your "Circle of Glory" be the source of multiplied blessings as you serve where the Lord has led you.

We love you and hold you close in prayers,
Pat (and Kenneth, too)

Anonymous said...

Loving the photos! I'm so happy your trip is going well so far. We're praying for you and miss you tons!! Love, Kenda (and Nathan)

reddin said...

Hey Joanna! Love the pictures. "You know you're a missionary's kid when . . . you can wrap a green snake around your neck!!" Whoa! Your kids are braver than me! I assume, of course, that it is non-poisonous, but still . . . Anyway, we love to hear from you. Thanks to Aaron for sending updates. Naturally, we miss you, but so proud of you - what a great thing to do with your life! Mrs. Jerene

Seat Vacations said...

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