Friday, August 15, 2008

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow...

Tomorrow is the big day! We have been training for six years...all pointing toward tomorrow when we step on the plane and fly out to the place God has carved just for us. I still hope to post some more pictures from our last week in Conway, but since I don't have access to those right now, I did want to share this website.

You can track our flights if you are interested, and I think you should be able to watch video as well. The times are local.

FL 524 leaves 1:13 p.m. August 16th - from Memphis
FL 40 leaves 6:51 p.m. August 16th - from Atlanta
FJ 811 leaves 11:30 p.m. August 16th - from Los Angeles
PX 85 leaves 10:00 a.m. August 18th - from Fiji
PX 85 leaves 1:40 p.m. August 18th - from Honiara
PX 158 leaves 4:00 p.m. August 19 - from Port Moresby

We'll spend a few days in Alotau, Papua New Guinea with friends while our bodies adjust to a new time zone. Then we'll fly back up to Port Moresby to catch a plane to Madang where our Pacific Orientation Course will be held.

PX 955 leaves 7:20 a.m. August 24 - from Alotau
PZ 112 leaves 12:40 p.m. August 24 - from Port Moresby

Our communcation will be limited, but we will try to e-mail and blog when we can. Please keep your messages short with no attachments. Time to hit the sack, tomorrow will be long but sweet.


Stacie said...

Oh, so bittersweet. We are counting the moments. It looks like no overnights anywhere but the plane. The beds will be ready. Love you!!

quilt'n-mama said...

We love you guys and we'll be praying for you as you travel! What a blessings God gave us 4 years ago Olive Tree for a brief stay! Can't wait as the adventure continues...
The Conard Crew

The Hibbard Family said...

I'm so excited for all of you! We've all been praying hard for you all week - the girls seem to really be focusing on praying for you as you face the unknown and unexpected. We love you all and will miss you very much. But, we're excited to be able to mark your spot on our map and pray daily for you all.

Anonymous said...

Aaron, Joanna and family,
You all have a very special place in our hearts. You will be greatly missed, especially Katie missing Sarah! We know that you are doing what God wants you to do. We look forward to great anticipation to the chance to see you again in a few years. Joanna, don't forget to send me your "wish list" so I can keep HHBC informed. Love you, Beth and Katie Wells