Monday, August 11, 2008

Conway, Arkansas

Last week, we visited Aaron's mom who celebrated a different holiday each day! The kids were so excited to wake up and discover how the table was set. Mimmie even came over and helped us celebrate.

Proud mama and son

Somehow, I missed any pictures of Papa. I guess he was always behind the camera like I was.

On the day we celebrated everyone's birthdays, Nahna bought mylar balloons for each person in our family. The next day, we attached our information for the Solomon Islands and let the balloons float away. We hope to hear from whomever finds our balloons!


The Hibbard Family said...

How fun! I can't wait to see if someone responds! Thank you for all of the updates. I was going through Choate withdrawals! :-) I know they won't be as regular from here on out, but we'll still look for them and thoroughly enjoy each one. Love you all.

Cara Cares! said...

It looks like you guys are having a blast traveling to see family and friends before you leave. Praying for your trip this weekend. Stay safe and keep in touch!!!


Arin Rollins said...

What a treasure family is! I know they will miss you and the kiddos! We'll be praying for your trip (especially the LONG flights!) and your acclimating to a new part of the world! How exciting! We'll be looking for updates! And be sure to post what you and your family needs over there, too! Grace and Peace,

Anonymous said...

I just spent the past hour and a half looking at your blog photos, reading the captions, watching your videos (SO NEAT!) and just enJOYing a "visit" with your sweet family. Of all the photos, I have to say that ... so far... my favorite is of Nahna and Katherine. JOY is what I would title that photo. Heart-to-heart JOY! Those two look as if they are in TOTAL HEAVEN!

Of all the videos, my pick was the one in Savannah, where Uncle Nathan "unfroze" (that isn't really a word, is it?) Daddy Aaron from his squatting position in the game of Freeze Tag. That was one cute video. I think you should have changed the name of the game to "Thaw Tag" or something like that, considering the temperatures were hovering around the 100 degree mark at that time. Soooo hot, but you were having soooooo much fun! Who noticed the heat?!!!

THANKS for allowing us to be a "part" of your family times by sharing these intimate views. We love you dearly and will hold you tightly in our hearts throughout your time in the Islands until the Lord brings you safely back here with us.
Romans 11:36