Saturday, June 11, 2011


We thought it appropriate to offer one of these beautiful carved doves on this Pentecost weekend.  If you would like a chance to own this, please leave your comment by midnight (CST), Sunday night.


Doug Hibbard said...

I would love to have such a lovely thing!


Abi's Blog said...

How pretty! Carved from shell, I'm sure? I used your salad servers to serve the rice when we "visited" the Philippines this year in VBS. The kids also thought the butter dish and knife were cool... I pray you are having a wonderful Sunday!

Nahna said...

Enter Mother, Ainsley and me, please...we would all love it.
It is gorgeous.
Hope you had a good weekend. We have the kids back and Sam leaves in the a.m with William to go to OBU.

Should be a great experience for him.

Love you

Choate Family said...

You're right, the dove is carved from shell, Ava.

Webbers, we got your e-mail and have entered you in the drawing for the dove.