Friday, June 3, 2011

Life in Honiara

Just a few observations (now that the internet is working again) about our lives in Honiara:

-Here, Aaron goes to the "office" every day.  Underneath our current SITAG house are a few rooms: one dedicated to housing a small library, one a small sound studio for recording language data, and another small room with the SITAG printer and some chairs and small tables.  Aaron has been immersing himself in Lavukaleve phonology this week.  He frequently forgets to come for lunch!

-One day in town, we observed two van-taxis driving side by side down the road while their drivers passed a cigarette between them.

-Getting used to the water again caused some gastric distress in Aaron and me this week.  Thankfully, we're all adjusted now.

-Olivia's foot looks great now, Sarah's, not so great.  Sarah finished up her antibiotics this morning, so we tried calling the doctor on and off throughout the morning to get his opinion.  A little after nine, the receptionist began answering the phone.  No, the doctor wasn't in, and no she didn't know when he would be in.  A little before noon, the answer was still the same.  A little frustrating, but we'll keep trying to get her a check-up.

-Chief Leonard came by this week and brought our basket!  Katherine was very happy to get her baby dolls back, and I was very happy to get my camera back.  We're so thankful that we are beginning to build good relationships with our neighbors in Marulaon.  He is headed back to Marulaon as soon as possible to take back some cement to finish the installation of the rain tank and some timber to finish the ceiling of our church in Marulaon.

-One of our favorite things about being back in Honiara is getting to visit with our SITAG friends and meeting all of the amazing people that come through Honiara for short trips.  This week, we've enjoying company three out of the last four nights.  We are so grateful for the families who have commited long term to Bible translation in the Solomons and to the short-term volunteers who come for advisor checking and for building projects and for so many things to assist the Bible translation process.

That's it for now!  Hoping internet continues to work well as we wade through our inboxes and get back in touch with friends and family...

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quilt-n-mama said...

thanks for sharing this little glimpse!!!

Love you guys!