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Dear Friends of the Choates,

Due to some rough seas over the weekend, the ship that will be bringing the Choate family back into town was delayed on its trip to the West.  The waters are calm now, but they are still waiting for the ship to arrive at their village.  The ship is currently a long (ish) ways to the west of them in the New Georgia Islands.  Having never travelled that route myself, I can only guess at how long it will take for it to reach Marulaon Village.  My guess is that it won’t be until tonight sometime.  (Our Wednesday night which would be early Wednesday morning for those of you on Central Standard Time.)  Whenever the ship arrives in Marulaon, they will then have a 6 hour ride back to Honiara.  I’m expecting to go pick them up at the wharf sometime on Thursday morning. 

Please pray for patience for them as they wait for the ship and for smooth seas as they travel into the capital.  Then once they are settled in they will be able to correspond with all of you on a greater level than has been possible during this village trip.  I will be able to talk with them on the radio at 4:30pm this afternoon and hopefully we will all have a better idea of ETAs at that point.  If I know anything more definite, I will post more information at that time.  Then you can best know how to pray for them.


Andy Pierce



Anonymous said…
Thank you, Andy. It's very comforting to have this kind of update and know exactly where our loved ones are. You are a gem!


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