Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Texas Woman's Daybook

Just for today...Tuesday, February 19
Outside my window...the ladybugs are out in the back yard.  I think spring is on its way.
I am hearing..."I come broken to be mended, I come wounded to be healed, I come desperate to be rescued, I come empty to be filled", but just inside my own head.  Love this twist on an old hymn, and since I'm feeling pretty worn out after our trip, the lyrics describe me perfectly.  Okay, they describe me perfectly every day.
Praying for...my kids.  Everyone is out of sorts from the trip and returning to "real life" has led to some tears and unkind words today (Mama included). 

On my bookshelf..."The Poker Bride:  The First Chinese in the Wild West" by Christopher Corbett.  A fascinating complement to our history studies.  Unfortunately, I left a bag in Kansas City, and it had the book inside, so I'm having to wait for the box my amazing sister mailed to me.
Noticing that...bifocals aren't as bad as everybody says they are!
One of my favorite things...the small hallway in my sister's house.  We all added our handprints last week to the many prints of friends and family already on the walls.

A heart of thankfulness...for all of the amazing people who made time to spend with us last week.  God has placed "tons" (as Katherine would say) of people in our lives, and we have so much to learn from them.
I am creating...table displays and "lectures" about the Solomon Islands to share this weekend
Pondering these words..."God is the only real remedy for our unhappiness, and he knows that the things to which we cling for comfort are actually robbing us of blessing....God always works to free us from the tactics we use to avoid dealing with hard things."  ~ Lydia Brownback
From the kitchen...quiche this morning for breakfast, cream of broccoli soup and "toasty cheese" for lunch, and apple pork chops, spinach soufflé, harvest vegetable medly, cloverleaf rolls, and a cherry cheesecake roll for supper.  It's nice to be home and cook again, and I have a great kitchen staff to work with me at the Choate Bed and Breakfast.
From the learning rooms...composer Johannes Brahms.  Be still my heart.  And Harriet Beecher Stowe along with the Crimean War, but Brahms is way more fun.  Also some fun experiments with how much room hot water takes up vs. cold water and dissolving chicken bones in vinegar.  The kids get Friday off.

A few plans for the rest of the week...our church's missions conference begins Thursday and runs through Sunday.  We're so excited that we get to participate this year!
A peek into my corner of the world...an impromptu trip to the Dallas Zoo yesterday.
Being friends with colleagues blesses our family!



Anonymous said...

Hey, my hallway made the blog!!! We had so very, very much fun having you with us. Thank you for working so hard to make us part of your family's lives and for providing our son with such great cousin time, too. It was eerily quiet at our house on Thursday. :-)

(Jeans are on the way, by the way.)


wayside wanderer said...

You seem to have so much energy it is nice to know you need a little recouping every now and then. Hope you guys have had a restful day. I love any kind of 'focals these days. haha Blessings!

Ann said...

I've been praying for you this week! I'll definitely keep it up, especially knowing you have the conference this weekend. Love ya!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh Joanna, coming home and back to routine after vacation is such an adjustment. I'm glad we're not the only ones ;D

Love the handprint idea!


The dB family said...

I'm so glad you choose to be real too. I LOVE what you sister has done to their wall. What a GREAT idea! (I'm thinking now where we could put something like that.)