Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Katherine's Birthday

Our sweet Katherine turned six today. 
In the midst of a very busy Conference, we still found ways to celebrate our girl.

Last year, we got to celebrate with this friend.

Katherine is blessed to have two other SITAG girls who are almost exactly the same age.

Sarah made a lovely pink lemon cake, and we invited some of the same friends who helped us celebrate in Brisbane in 2010 to come over for the evening festivities.

Our evening closed with each of us praying for Katherine.  It was a blessing to this mama's heart to hear siblings and "aunts and uncles" pray for our girl. When we are so far away from family, it's a gift to have the continuity of the same people celebrating year after year.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday dear Katherine! I turned six in a country other than my passport country too. :-) So glad you could find some time to celebrate among the busy-ness.

Bartokhound said...

Happy Birthday, Katherine! We love you! So, did the cake taste like pink lemonade? Way to go, Sarah!

Lots of love,

UJason and AKayla

wayside wanderer said...

What a sweet brown eyed girl. Happy Birthday! Is she your baby?

quilt'n-mama said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl, we love you!
The C Crew

The dB family said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Katherine!