Another Kosco Update

I just received another e-mail from Joanna indicating that they are now back on the initial Kosco schedule. Trying to track down information from the village can be pretty tricky since they cannot just make a phone call to check on the schedule like they can when in Honiara. So, they hurriedly prepared for the earlier departure, but found out later that it would, indeed, be Wednesday morning before the ship arrived. Pray for them as they make the adjustments to stay an extra night, including sleeping on sheet-less mattresses and trying to find enough extra clothes to go around!

The current plan is to meet the ship around 9:00 AM Christmas Eve (4:00 PM Tues CST). They hope to arrive in Honiara around supper time on Christmas Eve.

Thanks for continuing to pray as they continue to go with the flow!

~Ann H.


Bartokhound said…
Kosco was right on time!


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