Tuesday, December 9

plate of crab TUES 12-9
One of our friends brought a tray of still hot crabs this morning in exchange for a packet of sugar.  I think we got the best end of the bargain!  
Katherine eating crab TUES 12-9
My true village girl, Katherine, immediately paused on her school work and dove into the crabs, slurping away.
boy & girl crabs TUES
We even got an anatomy lesson as Katherine noticed the differences between the boy and girl crabs.  Does anybody know which one is which or how you can tell the difference?  It's really easy.  Since I can't moderate comments from the village, if you have a guess as to which crab is which, shoot me an e-mail at joanna underscore choate at sil dot org.


Anonymous said…

i'll pass on the crabs...


Anonymous said…
Female on left. Wide "apron".

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