Saturdays are for...

...taking a trip to the airport to welcome back SITAG family

...looking for that one special person amongst the crowd

...hearing two-year-old giggles

...catching the giggles yourself because they are contagious

...throwing your arms around your best buddy piggyback rides 

...making impromptu trips to the ice cream shop on the way home

...hanging out with friends

...being goofy together

...trying new ice cream flavors

...creating ice cream moustaches

...creating even more ice cream moustaches

...coming home and starting the fire to cook cassava pudding

...grabbing the bush knife and cutting several banana leaves

...checking on the fire

...playing with the dog

,..playing with kittens

...layering the cassava and coconut cream in the pan

...heating up the kitchen with your spouse


Bartokhound said…
I love love love...

1) Seeing Olivia, the most incredible "baby magnet" I've ever seen. What a gift she has for loving on little ones!

2) Seeing Sarah catching the giggles from the little one she holds? Priceless! What a beautiful smile and countenance that little one has!

3) The foursome pic (with the piggyback) brings huge smiles to my face - great pic!

4) Love love love Sarah's braid in the bush knife/banana leaf photo. I know you're going to tell me she did that herself. Is there any end to her creativity and talents?!



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