Sweet Sabbath

Our whole family went to Honiara's Central Market yesterday.  It's one of my favorite places in the whole country!  We are always finding new foods, and this time we discovered some softball sized "apple melons".  The lady who sold them to us offered to cut one up and let us taste right there on the spot.  Katherine and Olivia were the first to try, and their eyes lit up.

"It tastes like honey dew melon!" was the first thing out of Olivia's mouth.  So we bought four to make a special breakfast for Aaron this morning before he left on the Kosco.  I just scooped out the large seed cavity, spooned in yogurt, and topped it with honey roasted pecans as a treat.

After breakfast, we were running late, but the ship was still fairly empty when we arrived.  The Kosco was parked next to a fishing ship lined with baskets of fishing line.
We're not sure how they managed to keep the lines and hooks from getting tangled up, but our whole family was fascinated.

On the upper deck of the fishing ship, the nets and buoys were piled together.  Part of me thinks it would be very interesting to go out to sea with this crew and observe.  The other part of me is very thankful that I don't have to get on a ship again for a while.


We could just see a member of the crew eating his breakfast with chopsticks!

This cutie pie and her family stood next to us for a while.  They are going farther west than Aaron, and the two little girls were eating chips for breakfast.

Finally, we all gave Aaron hugs and made a plan to chat on the radio this evening.  Would you be willing to pray for his trip?  He hasn't been able to get in touch with anybody from the Russell Islands by cell phone.  We always struggle with communication, but usually we can get in touch with somebody.

Aaron ended up changing his plans, he'll go to Marulaon first to finish painting the house with used motor oil as a deterrent to termites.  He'll also try to get over to Karumulun (Ezekiel's village) to give some literacy material and encouragement to people there.  He hopes to be able to set up an intense workshop with the translators during the second half of his stay, and then return home to Honiara on Wednesday.  A quick trip, jammed packed,  but if anybody can do it, my Aaron can!


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