Sweet Sabbath

"Connecting with those we love is like soul food.  It's not that we don't have tasks to do, but rather that we don't fill up with tasks at the risk of starving our relationships."  ~Lysa TerKeurst

This last week has been crazy busy.  We've welcomed SITAG teams as they arrived in Honiara at both the wharf...
and the airport.

All of the sudden, SITAG is bursting at the seams with kids!  Seventeen kids between the ages of four months and fifteen years.

SITAG held a series of meetings that began Thursday evening and ran through this morning, and we are trying to pack up and get ready to leave the country.

We found it very easy to "fill up with tasks at the risk of starving our relationships".

 Instead, our SITAG family drew us in, and we prayed together and worked together and played together.

And it was soul food.


Anonymous said…
I just love the quote at the top of this post! It was delightful to catch you via Facebook messenger the other day; it really fills me up to communicate with you. Thank you for taking that time given all the "crazy" (good and bad!) happening around you right now.

Cindy said…
How wonderful that you got to "fill up" with SITAG fellowship before being gone for a while. Now, come fill up with family (both born and acquired) for a few months! I can't wait! Love you so much!
Bartokhound said…
Much better even than chitlins, cheese greets and collard greens - and that's saying a LOT! ;-)

Praying for you six in this time of transition.



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