Olivia's Wrist


 Olivia hasn't slowed down at all with a broken wrist, in part because she had people around the world praying for her healing.

Over the past six weeks, we've been so proud of her as she diligently obeyed the rules to take good care of her arm.

We know that the healing is in God's hands, but Olivia had a responsibility to do her part in protecting the arm. 

When Aaron contacted the doctor about coming back down to the hospital for the x-ray, the doctor asked Olivia to remove the cast ahead of time.

Yesterday Olivia began her day with her Bible in one hand
and a bowl of water soaking the other hand.
The doctor displayed both x-rays and showed Olivia how well her arm had healed in the last six weeks.  This one is the "before".
And early this morning, a smiling girl plopped down in bed beside me to say her scripture memory.  Minus a cast.


quilt'n-mama said…
yeah! So excited by how this has healed!
Love you guys!
THe C Crew
Nahna said…
I am so happy to see a castless arm and smiling face on my sweet girl.
Cindy said…
Yay! Thanking the Lord for Olivia's healing.

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