Valentine's Day

Although Valentine's Day has morphed into this mushy day to celebrate romantic love, our family likes to remember the friends and family that God has placed across our path.
Olivia and Katherine enjoyed making cookies to share with their friends while I made coconut custard in heart shaped muffin cups to share with my friends.  Nothing fancy, but I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to let people know that I love them.

When our goodies were in the oven, Katherine and I snuggled up and read "Valentine" by Carol Carrick.  I especially love the sweet illustrations as the grandmother and granddaughter bake cookies together.
My little Valentine cuties are growing so fast.


Love your photos - especially that last one of Katherine :D
We love you guys!
Cindy said…
I am catching up on your blog. I can't wait for grandmother/grand-daughter cooking!

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