Weakness and the last hours before getting on the ship...

"God chose me because I was weak enough.  God does not do his great works by large committees.  He trains somebody to be quiet enough, and little enough, and then uses him." 
~Hudson Taylor

We plan to leave SITAG at 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning, which is 1:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon, Central time.  We've been hearing reports that the boat is slower than ever before, and tomorrow is a new moon, so we will likely be unloading people and cargo over the side of the ship in the dark.  This time feels harder than ever before.  Not physically harder, though that it always difficult, but emotionally harder.  I feel weaker and smaller in every way as we try to get our boxes and hearts ready to leave yet again.  Friday night, we took some time to celebrate this special friend's birthday.

Our husbands drove down the hill to get "take out" for a simple evening - chicken and cassava cooked over the fire.  The focus was on the people, not the food (even though the food was delicious).  Our amazing kids washed dishes so the grownups could stay around the table and visit.

The kids also kept us entertained with their antics.
Today, it was back at work doing the last minute shopping and packing.  Thankful that we can take some fresh fruits and veggies out to the village for the first few days.

We got our eggs boiled for the ship trip, too.  Sarah always makes our eggs more fun to spice up the long trip.

After lunch, we drove out for one more airport trip. 

We're excited about the possibilities for the Operations Director role at SITAG.  It's a vital role to keeping things moving smoothly, lots of hidden tasks, but if they don't happen, things can grind to a screeching halt.

At the airport, the grownups conspired and planned one last ice cream run.  When our family returns to Honiara in April, neither of the other two SITAG families with teenagers will be in Honiara.

So we're taking advantage of every possible sweet time together.

That included a lot of "I'll give you a taste of my ice cream if you'll give me a taste of yours!"

We're so grateful for these amazing people that serve alongside us at SITAG.  They are balm to our souls on hard days like today.

Now it's time to go load the truck with our boxes.  But I know, that even in the rain, these guys will be right by our side, strengthening us and encouraging us and praying for us through every step.



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