Friday, July 7, 2017

Family Reunion, Part 2

Some of my siblings needed to leave on Monday afternoon, so we gathered around and took precious pictures to capture this moment.

My maternal grandmother spent the morning with us. 

Four generations of first born ladies.  I love that my kids have great-grandparents around and can build good relationships with them!

My grandmother has nineteen grandchildren, and six of them crowded around her for pictures at my parents' home.

Once again, we shared food, conversation, laughter, and games,

very aware that this slice of time was precious.

Tuesday we jumped into Independence day with both feet.

We don't take for granted being able to celebrate the Fourth of July in America.

I have great memories of attending Pops on the River as a child, and my kids wanted to be able to share the experience.

Being in the audience instead of on the stage still feels funny, even though it's been fifteen years since we earned our living as musicians. 

We got to hug our cello teacher's neck and be reminded that I began lessons with him thirty years ago.

We sang along with almost every piece the orchestra played (and apologized to the people in front of us that three cellists were sitting behind them - turns out they were music teachers!).  The Arkansas Symphony even played the entire 1812 Overture, complete with the gorgeous cello beginning.

On Wednesday, one more sibling left, and the last one pulled out early Thursday morning.

Making memories to tide us over until the next time...

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