Thursday, July 6, 2017

Family Reunions, Part One

 It's been five years since all five of my siblings have been in almost the same place at almost the same time.  We are all over the map geographically - Solomon Islands to Maine to Houston to St. Paul - and our personalities are all over the map, too.

So it was no small feat to get this crew together.  Each member of the family stretched his or her resources of time, energy, and money to make this family reunion happen, and I'm so grateful.  Sunday afternoon, we attended one of Arkansas Shakespeare Theater's performances.

My paternal grandmother and cousin joined us after the play.

 It made my heart sing to watch twenty people whom I love all together at our little house.  

I think this may be one of my favorite things about coming back to America in between our times of serving in the Solomon Islands.

My grandmother surrounded by seven of her eight grandchildren.  Notice that I'm the short one of the bunch!

As always, lots of good food and lots of laughter bound us together.

As we anticipate launching our growing kids into more independence,

building relationships with their extended family members becomes more and more important to me.

Even if our gene pool is a little wild and crazy.

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