Olivia's birthday

Olivia turned fourteen years old this weekend.

We celebrated with a "blue velvet" ice cream cake (including cream cheese ice in between the layers of R2D2)

Lots of family and friends crammed in our little house. 

I love that my kids have two great-grandmothers living nearby who can be a part of our daily lives.

This birthday gathering included adventure when a two-year-old bolted the bathroom door and we had to pull her out through the locked window (a neighbor with experience to the rescue!)

We also circled round Olivia to thank God for her and to pray blessings over her.  I think that's my favorite part of any birthday celebration.

Our house was so full of joy and people and celebration that I didn't even get pictures of everybody who came to celebrate with us!

We are so grateful for the gift of Olivia and for the spunkiness and authenticity she brings to our home.


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